Monday, October 1, 2018

A Note on Assessments and Retakes

Good morning,
As I am finishing up assessing the students' first summative writing assignment, the memoir, I thought it would be helpful to share a few things with you about assessment in 7-O English.  

We have 9 standards we teach to in 7th grade English.  All standards will show up twice in a year so if your learner gets a lower than expected grade the first time around, we have another chance at the standard later in the year.  This is to account for the different developmental levels that students are at.  

To see the standards assessed all year in 7-O English, go here

Formative work typically does not need to be re-taken as it shows where students are at with their practice work.  We encourage students to re-take their summative, however anything live such as speeches or discussion cannot be re-taken.  

We have two requirements for all re-takes in English; students need to be reading outside of English and trying to meet their weekly goal AND they need to be doing their daily writing prompts in class and showing effort.  Without these two fundamental requirements they cannot re-take their work.  We encourage all students to meet with us to discuss whether they need to do a re-take, but the general rule is that anything that is below a "2" or so should be discussed.  

Today and tomorrow, we are doing a notebook check-in where students will be assigned an engagement grade (C)onsistent, (S)ometimes, (R)arely - you will see this show up in Infinite Campus tomorrow and if your child has an "S" or an "R" I would ask them why.

Engagement grades will be filled out periodically so you can see whether your learner is actively engaged in the daily work.  We hope this will be helpful for you as you help guide them through 7th grade.  

To see the re-take policy for 7-O English, go here

Often a standard is broken down into several components so that students can see which specific skill they need to work on, rather than one big grade.  For the memoir, students were assessed on three different components of standard 4:  Event sequence, details and writing technique.  You will, therefore, see three different scores under that same standard - they are not averaged and stand on their own.  They were assessed on two separate components of standard 8:  Capitalization and end punctuation.  Altogether, you will see five different scores for the memoir.   

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Teaching these kids is truly amazing, I am so excited for the year ahead.



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