Wednesday, September 5, 2018

7th Grade Reading Challenge Introduced

7th Grade Reading Challenge:
Today I introduced the 7th-grade reading challenge to students.  The expectations for reading this year are:
  • To set a reading challenge goal for themselves, this will be done in class tomorrow.
  • To read at least two hours outside of class every week.
  • To read at least 25 chapter books or more.
  • To only read great books for them, whatever that may be.
  • If they do not want to do a quantity goal, they can challenge themselves in another way, such as
    • Reading longer books than you normally do, if so, what is your typical range of pages?
    • Reading harder vocabulary books.
    • Trying new formats of books, if so which?
    • Trying new genres, if so which?
  • They do not need to log their minutes but we will keep track of books in class.

To see more information about this challenge, please go here


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