Monday, November 21, 2016

A Note on Our Spelling Work

The students received their very first spelling work today.  Spelling in English is a two-fold process.  We have a district mandated exploration of root words and definitions, this is what they were handed today, with more explanation to follow in a moment.  The other process is the work they do within their own writing; recognizing words that they do not spell well consistently and working on them.  There are never any quizzes attached to the work but instead (hopefully) a building awareness of what they still need to work on.

The district mandated program is based on the work they have done in previous years and there are two paths for them to choose from.  One is the regular path that consists of an exploration of 5 root words and 5 definitions, the other is the enriched which centers around 25 root words.   Students may choose either one every time.  They do not lock in with a path once they have chosen it the first time.

Today we discussed what analogies are as both paths include analogy work.  Students are expected to work on this word work on their own or with a partner.  Technology should be used to assist them in their venture and the purpose of the work is not memorization but understanding.

Spelling work will always be due two weeks after it has been assigned, but can be handed in sooner.

The actual pages and resources for spelling can be found in their Google Classroom accounts in case they need access to it again.


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