Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Refugee Crisis Assignment

The Refugee Crisis Assignment

To Do:
  1. Select three different articles to read from the choices provided - read them.  Also, choose one video clip to watch - take notes on this.
  2. Annotate each article - this is for you to use in discussion and they will not be handed in.
  3. Write a summary of one of the articles - to hand in to Mrs. Ripp.  A good summary has a main idea with supporting details.  Make sure it is written in your own words.
  4. Write an opinion piece answering; what is our role as Americans in the refugee crisis?  You must use MEL-Con format.  This is to be handed in to Mrs. Ripp and should be based on the three articles you read and the video clip you watched.  

Things to annotate for:
  • What surprised you?
  • What are the problems discussed?
  • What are the solutions discussed?
  • Anything else that you might want to discuss.

To hand in:
  • Your summary - due October 18th
  • Your opinion piece - due October 25th

What are you assessed on?

ELA 1:  Your opinion piece
Determine/analyze development of central ideas/themes in a text.

ELA 3: Both pieces
Write informative texts to convey ideas; select, organize, and analyze content; summarize.

ELA 5:  Your opinion piece
Draw evidence from texts to support written analysis.

ELA 6:  Both pieces
Command the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and vocabulary.

This will be a summative assessment, practice and mini-lessons will occur during class.