Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Signpost Project for Notice and Note

You have learned about the 6 signposts from the Notice and Note curriculum throughout the year and it is now time to review and further our thinking.  Part of your book club project will therefore be to create a signpost project.    

Here are some choices for the Signpost Project:

  1. Make a signpost Mind Map poster
  2. Write a signpost paper—One Book: 6 Signposts
  3. Find the 6 Signposts in picture books.
  4. Your choice - must be approved by Mrs. Ripp

Each signpost project will include the following:
  1. At least 3 of the 6 different signposts must be found and discussed, but 6 examples altogether must be found.  
  2. A paragraph for each signpost found, so altogether 6 paragraphs.  These paragraphs will include:
    1. The definition for the signpost.
    2. The anchor question for the signpost.
    3. A specific text example for the signpost.  Summarize the text example, answer the anchor question, and analyze the author’s use of the signpost. (Why is the moment important?).  

Standards Covered:
Standard #1:  Determine/Analyze development of central ideas/themes in a text
Standard #2:  Analyze how story elements interact.
Standard #5:  Draw evidence from texts to support written analysis
Standard #6:  Command the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and vocabulary.

An example of a paragraph is attached here, as well as presented in class.
The example papers can be found here
The examples of mind map posters can be found here

The completed project will be due Monday, March 7th (no work time in class during the final week).

Paragraph Example
Mrs. Vandermause
Hr. 8

The 6 Signposts in Freak, the Mighty

Contrasts and Contradictions
Contrasts and Contradictions occur when a character says or does something opposite of what he/she has been saying or doing all along.  When a reader spots a Contrast and Contradiction, he/she should ask, why is the character doing that?  By answering the anchor question, the reader will be making a prediction about characterization or plot.
In Freak, the Mighty, there are several examples of Contrasts and Contradictions.   For instance, Max’s father, Kenny Kane, says one thing, but acts in a completely different manner.  He tells Max that he had his life stolen, and that he’s the real victim.  Moreover, Kenny claims to be a gentle soul who is wrongly accused because of his size.  Conversely, Kenny ties Max to a boiler and tries to strangle Loretta Lee.  These certainly don’t seem like the actions of a “gentle soul.”  Perhaps Kenny wanted Max to believe in his good nature, but Kenny’s true colors came out through his actions.


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