Friday, January 15, 2016

Update from English

While the team newsletter will go out later today I wanted to send an update on English specifically with a few more details.

First up; book orders from Scholastic!  Catalogs were given out today and there are some great books in there!  This is also one of the biggest months for bonus points and if we as a group order for more than $300 then we get 5,000 bonus points.  This means a lot of new books for the classroom.  I always place a large order for this month to get kids re-ignited about reading, so if you have been thinking about ordering some books for the spring, this month would be a great one to order in.  

All orders are due by Wednesday, January 20th.  Note that there is a teen catalog of choices too and that some of the books in it are more mature.  

I recommend shopping online, as there is a larger selection of books than in the fliers.
To shop online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: GXJ8R 

Or you can send in a check made out to Scholastic to order the books.

This month's book recommendations - it is so hard to pick!The 5th wave - a lot of students want to read this book as it is coming out as a movie soon!
The Red Queen - phenomenal new science fiction/fantasy series
Rollergirl - Graphic novel that just won a Newbery Honor
Echo - Also just a won a Newbery Honor

Monday we will start our collaborative project with Integrated Literacy as we try to learn more about the the UN Challenge.
Tuesday all students will give their non-fiction picture book speech. More information can be found here
Thursday students will self-assess their growth and determine their grades for 2nd quarter, as well as their letter grade for the 1st semester.

We are still working on our paper blogs and should write our first real blog next week.  

I presented at a workshop yesterday and was very proud to share some of the students' advice with participants.  It is incredible to be able to share the message of our incredible students in order to inspire other teachers to hopefully make it more about kids.

Please let me know if you have any questions. And remember there is no school on the 22nd.


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