Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Word Work Re-takes Explained

With our foray into word work, I thought it would be nice to explain the re-take policy for any of it.

How are they assessed?
The packets are assessed for completion as well as spelling.
The quizzes are assessed for correctness, as well as spelling.

Who can re-take?
Anyone that wants to show a deeper understanding of the words and their definition.

How does a re-take work?
Path 1:
If a child wants to -re-take the quiz, they can if they got more than a 2 on it.  They then need to see me to schedule a re-take. If they got a 1 or a 1.5, they need to do the packet (path 2) as their re-take since the quiz did not seem to work too well.

Path 2 and Path 3:
Simply fix the mistakes and do any missing work and re-hand in the same packet.

The window is open for 2 weeks after every due date.  So this time all re-takes are due to me be the 20th.

Further questions?
Contact me.


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