Tuesday, November 24, 2015

News from 7-O English

All word work grades have now been entered, these are summative assignments that should be re-taken if a student got less than a 2.5.  The re-take window closes on December 7th.

The scores are based on the following:
0-1 incorrect (includes spelling) - 3
2 incorrect - 2.5
3-4 incorrect - 2
5 incorrect - 1.5
6-8 incorrect - 1
9 or 10 incorrect - IE = insufficient evidence
Most students are doing really well with choosing their path, while a few are not choosing well and consistently do not study or finish their work.  This may be a great opportunity to ask them about their study habits and how they are staying organized. 

The only homework over break is to read!  The students book shopped from more than $2,000 worth of new books yesterday as I had won a grant for brand new books plus picked up 3 boxes of books at the conference.  There is definitely no reason to not find an amazing book in our classroom with the students having access to many advance review copies as well.

I hope you have an incredible break.  Please know how thankful we are for these kids and just how much we love our jobs.


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