Monday, October 26, 2015

Word Work Explained

As we near the end of our 1st quarter it is time for us to start word work.  There are 3 paths to success within our word work program in English.  Students can choose whichever path they would like every time word work is assigned.  This gives them a chance to be more successful as they can gauge what they need at the given time.

Path 1.
Students receive the list of words and study for the quiz.  The list of words can be found here and the quiz is typically the Friday following the week it is handed out.

Path 2.
Students are given the same 10 words as Path 1 but are asked to work with the words instead.  In a packet, found here, students figure out meaning and word relationships as they get to know the roots better.  There is no quiz for this path, the completed packet is due the same day as the quiz.

Path 3.
Do the same word work as the enriched English class; Caesar's Word Within Word.  This path also allows for the students to gain deeper knowledge as they work with the words and their meaning.  There is no quiz for this path, instead the completed packet is due the same day as the quiz.  That work can be found here.

This will be assessed under standard 6:  Command the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and vocabulary.


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