Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Speech Grades Explained

I have spoken to the students about the grades being entered today but wanted to inform the home front as well.  First of all, I am so impressed with the work that most of the students put into their speeches.  They were creative and well thought out.  Second of all, the expectations for public speaking are high in 7th grade.  It is a necessary skill for all students to grow in  whether they need to present, interview for jobs, or simply have confidence in their speaking.  Therefore the first round of speeches always give results that may be lower than what the students expected.  

All students are assessed in 6 areas: poise, voice, life, eye contact, gestures, and speed.  They should be able to explain to you what these areas mean.  Their scores today are therefore in 6 different areas for Standard 7, which is our speaking standard.  There is not just a single grade.  The single grade will be assigned at the end of each quarter for this standard and will be based on their growth.  To see the rubric for the different areas assessed, please go here

Today, the students will be handed back their grades and they will be asked to write 2 goals to focus on for their next speech which will be in October.  These are written in their readers notebook, which stays here at school, please ask your child about their goals.  The grades given today are a summative grade, but they serve as a baseline for their growth for the year.  Since speaking is something we do multiple times each quarter, there are no re-takes available, which the students know.  The next speech serves as the re-take instead.


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