Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Speech Rubric and Assessment Explained

Students will give their first speech next week and this rubric will be used to give them a breakdown score for each subset of skills.  The 6 different areas they will be assessed on are:

Poise:  How they use their body and the stance they have during the speech.
Voice:  How they use their voice to math their message.
Life:  The passion they bring to their speech
Eye Contact:  How well they use eye contact as a tool throughout.
Gestures:  How do their gestures match their message?
Speed:  Does their pace match their message?

While this is a summative assignment, these initial scores are simply a baseline for the year.  Therefore a child may receive 1's or 2's and should not be worried, rather they should use this as a guideline for further practice.  We will do at least 1 speech every quarter so I will be looking for growth in this standard throughout the year.

To see the specific rubric I will use, please click here.

Also, because this is a speech, re-takes cannot be done.  If a child needs to show mastery they will have opportunities to do so later in the quarter.


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