Wednesday, May 6, 2015

English and Science Genetics Research Project

Science & English Research Project
Great news!  The “Investigating Genetic Research Project” that students have been assigned in Mr. Rockwell’s Science class will also count as a summative in English.  This ensures that students are given more time for the project, as well as a deeper understanding of the English components (research, evaluating claims, and being a good speaker) that are involved in the project.  This project will therefore count as their summative score for standard 2 in English and replace the persuasive debate project we had otherwise assigned.

  1. What if my child has Mr. Spaeth?
    1. If your child has Mr. Spaeth, they will be given a minor project to work on during English where they will read persuasive articles and evaluate the claims being made in them.  They will be given three class periods to work on these projects as well.
  2. What about the persuasive debate project you were doing in English?
    1. This project replaces this as the summative.  Next week we will spend time looking at how to persuade others and continue practicing our speaking skills, but we will not have another summative tied to this.
  3. What is this project?  What are the guidelines?
    1. Please see the guidelines given to students by Mr. Rockwell here
    2. To see the rubric from Mr. Rockwell, please go here
      To see the presentation rubric bloopers presented by Mr. Rockwell, go here
  4. Where are great places to get research from?
    1. Under the OMS library homepage, students can select the “catalog” tab and then hit Webpath Express.
    2. Here they can also access Badgerlink and Britannica Online.
    3. If you use Google, use quotes around search terms such “stem cell”
  5. What slides should I have?
    1. 1. Title Slide
    2. 2. What is the topic (definition)
    3. 3. Facts about the topic (who is involved; how long has it been around; etc.)
    4. 4. Claim - to support or not (for or against)
    5. 5. Why to support or not
    6. 6. What does the other side claim?
    7. 7. Conclusion
  6. What will you work on in English?
    1. In English, we will work on how to do the research and then how to put it into our own words.  Guidance will be given on disseminating the research (evaluating it), as well as how to present it best.  We will discuss the slide templates as well.
    2. Students can also work on this in Tech Tools.
  7. How can parents help?
    1. A conversation about the project to check for understanding would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any type of editing and presentation practice will be useful as well.
  8. When is this due?
    1. Students will present in in science starting on Tuesday, May 12th.  
  9. How will this be assessed?
    1. Students will share their presentations and notes with Mrs. Ripp for her to assess, they will not have to re-present it in English.
    2. This will be assessed under standard 2, to see the rubric for all English standards go here


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