Friday, May 29, 2015

Newsletter May 29, 2015

Avoiding the Summer Slide

Over the course of a summer, many students will experience a loss in some skills due to the lack of a school structured day/week.  There are lots of things you can do to help your student stay at the top of his/her game in preparation for next year!

  • Encourage your student to read.  Read books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, interesting internet searches.  Just read!  If you need ideas of what to read please contact Mrs. Ripp or go to her reading review blog
  • Use teacher websites as a resource.  Many of us have things posted that we did not use this year so your child could complete some of those lessons and/or use them as a starting point for his/her own exploration.
  • Involve your child in your daily routines.  Ask him/her to help with family budget, balancing a checkbook, making grocery lists, etc.
  • Talk to your child about current events.  Watch the news or read the paper together and chat about world happenings.
  • Discuss the things that interests your child and have them find out more about it.  Encourage him/her to explore and research whatever questions come up. 
  • Do a family book read, if you need ideas for which books to read contact Mrs. Ripp or see the publio library.
  • Go to museums or parks or other places that will evoke conversation and learning.
Summer Book Checkout
Did you know that students can check out books from the OMS library over the summer?  On June 4th from 3 to 4 PM go to the OMS library with a permission slip (found in the office or library) to check out up to 10 books for the summer.  All books checked out need to be returned on the first day of school, September 1st. 

News from Classrooms
Math - Stauss
  • How do you find the MAD and IQR of a set of data?
  • When are test corrections due for the Filling and Wrapping test?
  • What are you supposed to do for your project in math next week?

Tech Tools
Students in Tech Tools should have 6 bingo projects done.  Next week we will be working with audio files and recording on Audacity and other programs.  Ask you student to show you their Tech Spot google sites--they are impressive!!

Students presented their Europe Tours this week. Ask your child where he/she traveled on their tour!  Next week, we will do a short unit on Australia.  One more summative (map quiz) on Wednesday!

English (Ripp)
  • All students must be ready to present their "This I Believe" speech on Monday 
  • Help your child look for books - I have lost almost $1,000 in books this year - I pay for these out of my own pocket.
    Some of the book covers whose books are missing from our classrooom library and these are just the hardcover ones.
Upcoming Deadlines and Projects:
  • May 28th-29th - Perform partner dialog in front of Mrs. Westrich (German)
  • May 29th--Tech Tools Bingo Web Project #6
  • June 1st - This I Believe Due - (Ripp)
  • June 1st - 2nd - Partner dialog project due (German)
  • June 3rd - Australia quiz (Stoller)
  • June 4th - Samples and Populations Project Due in Math (Stauss)
  • June 4th and 5th - Finals for math (Poch)
  • June 5th - Science test (Rockwell and Spaeth)
  • June 5th - All books due back to Mrs. Ripp
  • June 8th - Kalahari trip all day
  • June 9th - Last day of school - half day with our auction


Monday, May 18, 2015

This I Believe Project Breakdown

This I Believe Project Breakdown
Goal:  To create a 4 or 5 paragraph speech modeled after the “This I Believe”  format.  See this link for examples.

Summative standards assessed:  
Standard 2:  
Evaluate claims in a text; assess and express the soundness and relevance of reasoning.

Standard 10:  
Present focused claims with support, using eye contact, volume, and elocution

Due Date:  June 1st

Day-by-Day Process:

Resource(s) used
Guided brainstorm - elevator activity to jog memories that carry significance
Filling in our timelines and listening to examples of the end product
Zeroing in on a personal beliefs
Example used - We Are All Different
Furthering our belief using these three questions in our readers notebook:  
  1. What is your belief?
  2. Why is this a belief for you?
  3. What two personal memories do you have that tie in with your belief?
Rough drafts will be due on day 8 end of class
Handing out graphic organizers - students will use This I Believe website to look at examples to gather inspiration for their own essay
Students will start to fill out graphic organizers
One-on-One conferring with “stuck” students using the breakdown organizer
Graphic Organizer for all students
For “Stuck” students - this brainstorming organizer
Adding quotes to our speeches/essays - more rough draft working time
How to write a strong introduction - conferring one on one with students
Rough draft work time - conferring one on one with students.  Rough drafts all due to Mrs. Ripp
Revising for better word choice

Peer review and commenting

Continued work time and speech rehearsals
Final work day - all speeches performed June 1st

Next Steps for "This I Believe"

Students worked on the following prompts in class:

  1. Write down what your belief is.
  2. Write down why this is your belief.
  3. Share a personal memory or two that you plan on using in your speech.

If they didn't finish, they should finish before tomorrow (Tuesday).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

This I Believe Timeline Instructions

This I Believe:  Personal Timeline______
Directions:  Create a personal timeline that you reconnect to memories that you have had.  Use the following list to guide your timeline which should include SIXTEEN different experiences.

  • Earliest memory
  • First day of school
  • Four memorable/influential childhood experiences
  • Four memorable/influential elementary & middle school experiences
  • Three low points/difficult experiences or lessons
  • Three best memories/experiences

This is due tomorrow in English Class.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Final Book Order of the Year

With summer coming our way, now is the time to place your final Scholastic book order for the year..The students were given access to 9 different catalogs today to review and many were excited about the selection.  I have found more than 10 new books to add to our library.

Remember; you can order books online - every time you do we get a $3 coupon to order more books for the classroom.    Thank you so much for considering!  The book order is due on Monday, May 18th.

To order online
  •  ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code GXJ8R 
  •  SHOP from any of the magazines or enter by book title.  Note: there are more books online than in the magazines.
  •  SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom

Some of my can't miss recommendations are:
  • Mockingbird
  • A Snicker of Magic
  • The Crossover
  • El Deafo
  • Split History War History
  • Story Thieves
  • Mark of the Thief
  • Papertowns (mature)
Finally, please help look for either OMS books or Mrs. Ripp books at home, I pay for all of the books for our classroom library out of my own pocket so it gets expensive to replace missing books.

Thank you!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Feedback from Elephant & Piggie

Thank you so much to everyone who gave us feedback on our Elephant & Piggie performances!

Section 1:  Go here
Section 3:  Go here
Section 5:  Go here
Section 6:  Go here
Section 7:  Go here

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

English and Science Genetics Research Project

Science & English Research Project
Great news!  The “Investigating Genetic Research Project” that students have been assigned in Mr. Rockwell’s Science class will also count as a summative in English.  This ensures that students are given more time for the project, as well as a deeper understanding of the English components (research, evaluating claims, and being a good speaker) that are involved in the project.  This project will therefore count as their summative score for standard 2 in English and replace the persuasive debate project we had otherwise assigned.

  1. What if my child has Mr. Spaeth?
    1. If your child has Mr. Spaeth, they will be given a minor project to work on during English where they will read persuasive articles and evaluate the claims being made in them.  They will be given three class periods to work on these projects as well.
  2. What about the persuasive debate project you were doing in English?
    1. This project replaces this as the summative.  Next week we will spend time looking at how to persuade others and continue practicing our speaking skills, but we will not have another summative tied to this.
  3. What is this project?  What are the guidelines?
    1. Please see the guidelines given to students by Mr. Rockwell here
    2. To see the rubric from Mr. Rockwell, please go here
      To see the presentation rubric bloopers presented by Mr. Rockwell, go here
  4. Where are great places to get research from?
    1. Under the OMS library homepage, students can select the “catalog” tab and then hit Webpath Express.
    2. Here they can also access Badgerlink and Britannica Online.
    3. If you use Google, use quotes around search terms such “stem cell”
  5. What slides should I have?
    1. 1. Title Slide
    2. 2. What is the topic (definition)
    3. 3. Facts about the topic (who is involved; how long has it been around; etc.)
    4. 4. Claim - to support or not (for or against)
    5. 5. Why to support or not
    6. 6. What does the other side claim?
    7. 7. Conclusion
  6. What will you work on in English?
    1. In English, we will work on how to do the research and then how to put it into our own words.  Guidance will be given on disseminating the research (evaluating it), as well as how to present it best.  We will discuss the slide templates as well.
    2. Students can also work on this in Tech Tools.
  7. How can parents help?
    1. A conversation about the project to check for understanding would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any type of editing and presentation practice will be useful as well.
  8. When is this due?
    1. Students will present in in science starting on Tuesday, May 12th.  
  9. How will this be assessed?
    1. Students will share their presentations and notes with Mrs. Ripp for her to assess, they will not have to re-present it in English.
    2. This will be assessed under standard 2, to see the rubric for all English standards go here

Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Persuassive Work

Today in class we started our work with persuasive speaking, which will continue until May 15th.  Every class is doing something a little bit different centering around the topic of persuasion as we attempt to master standard 2 and continue our work with standard 10 (speaking). 

Standard 2:  Evaluate claims in a text; assess and express the soundness and relevance of reasoning.

Goal:  To show mastery of this standard through the art of persuasion.

Timeline:  We will work on this in class until May 15th.

Final Project:
Hour 1 English:  Write a a one or two paragraph persuasive essay or perform it as a speech versus a classmate.

Hour 3:  Find a partner to  debate in class.  Students must decide the topic and then decide which child will take which side and then prepare for a one or two minute debate on the 15th.

Hour 5:  Students will research a topic and then create a one or two speech o persuade others of their topic.  They can also choose to do it as debate versus a classmate.  These will be delivered May 15th.

Hour 6:  Four students will perform mini debates every day in class, pulling an unknown topic and then preparing their points for 5 minutes.  Students will then face off in a debate.  Possible topics can be viewed here 

Hour 7:   Find a partner to  debate in class.  Students must decide the topic and then decide which child will take which side and then prepare for a one or two minute debate on the 15th.

Please let me know if you have any questions, we will work more with this in class.