Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What the Speech Scores Mean

Almost all students have given their "How I want to be remembered" speech and their 6 different scores have been entered into IC.  Students were assessed in our 6 different areas of being a great speaker:  Poise, voice, life, eye contact, gestures, and speed.  These can be found using the abbreviation SP1 + the letter of the skill in IC or clicking under Standard 10.

The scores entered are now representing their baseline, meaning they will/should change throughout the quarter as we continue to develop/fine tune our public speaking skills.  This speech can therefore not be re-taken because plenty of more speeches will be done to replace the scores and show their growth.  Many students received 1's and 2's in these skills, which does not mean that they are failing standard 10, our speaking standard, but instead know what to work on.  Every student will be handed a slip with their scores on, they were also given feedback by myself and peers right after their speech.  Overall, I am proud of the students and the effort most put into these speeches.  I hope they share their speech with you if they haven't already!


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