Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reviewing Our Readers Notebooks

For the past few weeks, students have been writing 5 minute reading prompts in their readers notebooks as we work on standard 3; analyzing story elements.  This means students can pick their prompt from the ones suggested or create their own to show their deep thinking about the text.  Things they can discuss are any of the sign posts (Aha moment, words of the wiser, tough questions, again and again, or contract & contradictions), theme, conflict/solution, character development, author intentionality, or anything else that will show their abstract thinking skills. 

Today, I pulled all of their readers notebooks for an initial assessment, or baseline, of where they are at in their thoughts.  Most students are currently at a "1" or a "2' which means we will be discussing how to furhter their skills.  I will be checking their readers notebooks every two weeks, measuring their growth to reach a final summative score.  Students cannot take home their readers notebooks, unless they ask, since I do not want them to become damaged or lost.

Their work in their readers notebooks will be the only work they need to do to get a score for standard 3, which means that their final formative score will be turned into their summative score.


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