Monday, April 6, 2015

Goals for Quarter 4

We have five major goals this quarter that students and I are discussing this week.  While we also have five standards that the students will be assessed on, these five goals go beyond those standards.

  1. Find a poem that matters to you - if you can, copy it down in your Reader's Notebook
  2. Create a poem that makes you proud - share it with Mrs. Ripp
  3. Read at least one amazing paper book and pass it on to someone else.  
  4. Write a great speech to perform in class.
  5. Share your voice in class as we discuss.

Standards Covered Q4

ELA 2:
Evaluate claims in a text; assess and express the soundness and relevance of reasoning.
ELA 3:
Analyze how story elements interact.
ELA 6:
Use technology to produce writing, interact with others, and cite sources.
ELA 9:
Express ideas clearly in collaborative discussions; build on others’ ideas.
ELA 10:
Present focused claims with support, using eye contact, volume, and elocution


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