Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elephant & Piggie Performances

Elephant & Piggie Play Assignment
The students are working on becoming better speakers, so what better way to practice than by performing childrens’ books.  Today, students were put into partnerships and given scripts to rehearse for their performances on Tuesday.  They cannot take the scripts home since I only have one class set.

Assignment:  Perform an Elephant & Piggie play in front of your peers.

Goal:  To become better speakers by focusing on their poise, voice, life, eye contact, gestures, and speed.  (Standard 10)

Due date:  Tuesday, April 28th.

Assessment:  Students will be assessed by the teacher and a few peers using our presentation rubric.

Worktime:  10 or 15 minutes will be given every day in class to help them rehearse.

Extra:  All performances will be videotaped for students to view themselves, as well as receive feedback from K, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms. Students who do not have permission to be videotaped will not be included in the feedback portion.  


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