Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Failed Book Club Presentations

​As your child may have told you; yesterday was a bit of a hard day in English.  Students presented their book club projects, which they have had two months or so to work on in class, and the majority of the content presented was sub-par.  Few groups received "3's" in the two summative standards; 1 and 7.

​When I spoke to the students about it both yesterday and today many told me that they had not put in much effort or just hadn't spent the time on it, which their scores then show.  I have therefore told the students that they have to show me mastery of the standards on their own.  The opportunity in class had been given to them and another one will not be created.  However, if the score they received (which will be entered later today) is not an accurate measurement of their skills then they can certainly show me what their skills are.  Ideas have been brainstormed by students and they include:
​-  Re-doing the project but videotaping the presentation as time will not be dedicated in class for them to re-present.
​-  Doing a written analysis with text evidence and a summary on a book of their choice and handing it in.
​-  They can email me with any other ideas they may have as well.

​I have told them that all work has to be handed in by Sunday, March 22nd so that i can assess it before the quarter ends on the 26th.
While 3 standards were assessed: 1, 7, and 10 - only two of them (1 and 7) were summative assessments as all presentations are still at the practice stage.​

​The standards they are trying to show proficiency in, can be​ found here 

​I am disappointed in most of the groups, particularly since we have spoken at length about the expectations and so much work time has been given in class and I have made that clear to students. 

Hopefully this will be a great learning opportunity for those that need it and we can move forward from here.


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