Tuesday, March 3, 2015

News and Deadlines from English

The students all have vocabulary quiz 9 this Friday.  They were given the words yesterday in class and can also access the words on mrsripp.com

All re-takes of vocabulary quiz 8 end on Friday as well.  Few students have retaken the quiz resulting in many IE's.  If a child has an IE, they will not be able to attend the end of quarter CARE trip.  To re-take a quiz, the student has to complete one of the following options http://www.mrsripp.com/2015/01/vocab-quiz-re-takes... and can then re-take it.

Students are finishing up their book club projects with one final work day for it on Friday.  All groups will present on the 10th.  This is a summative project for standards 1 and 7, while it is formative for standard 10.  To see our standards, go here 

Students are also working on their narrative writing project.  This is due by March 26th to show mastery of standards 5 and 8.  I have encouraged students to reach out to me for feedback and discussion, some have but many have not.  

Today we watched this poem from Suli Breaks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Uc_mvwOUf0&featur...  - I asked the students to respond to it as if they were parents.  I encourage you to watch it and discuss with your child.

I have a sub Thursday and Friday as I travel to North Carolina to present at a conference, i am sorry to be away from the classroom but now that they will work hard.  I am proud to be able to tell other educators what the 7th graders at OMS are doing to change the world (and me as a teacher!).


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