Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Quarter 3 Writing Project

Plan for Writing Thursday

Goal:  To show mastery of standards 5 and 8 by March 26th.

Standard 5:  Write stories to share events, using powerful details and an order of events that makes sense.

Standard 8:  Master punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and correct formatting of work.

Product:  Up to you, it has to be written (typed or handwritten), it should be your very best work, and needs to be a full story.  

Plan your writing - you only have 6 Thursdays in class to work on this, what will you do each Thursday? Do you need to work on it outside of class?

Random answers: Yes, it can be mature as long as it makes sense within the context of the story. Yes, you may hand it in early, whenever you are ready. No, you may not work on it with a partner since I need to see how your write by yourself. It needs to be a full story, I don't know how lng that is for what you are doing.


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