Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Club Final Project

Now that you have finished your book, it is time to showcase it to the rest of the class by doing a book-talk.  A few things to keep in mind: you want to discuss parts of the plot but not give  too much  away, please do not make it a summary of the book.  You need to select passages to showcase to support your discussion of the theme and you need to give some sort of verdict; was this a great book or not for book clubs.  

Your purpose:  
To either entice other students to read your book or let them know why this was not a good book club book.

Up to you!  Think creatively about how you want to share your opinion, this can be via a live book-talk, an iMovie, an Animoto, interpretative dance, visual art - whatever you can come up with.  However, do not spend all of your time on the presentation part, there needs to be deep thought placed into what you are sharing.

Length and depth:
Your project is to be presented in front of the class and should take between 2 and 5 minutes to present.  All group members must be involved in the work and in the presentation.  You will get time in class to work on it.  

Components to discuss include:
  • Title and author
  • Hook
  • Small summary
  • Theme
  • Recommendation
  • Specific parts of the book that illustrates why a reader may love or dislike the book
  • Anything else you may need to sell your book and your understanding of it

To develop your speaking skills (standard 10), to develop your understanding of theme and how to summarize (standard 1), to develop your deeper thoughts and use text evidence (standard 7), and to finish book clubs in a meaningful way.

Please remember that I am looking for deep content, not assessing how creative you are.  I would rather have you spend your time preparing a stellar book talk based on what you say and not how it looks.


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