Monday, January 12, 2015

Feb. 5th - A Day in the Life of a Student #Studentlife

Wednesday, January 21st, students in Mrs. Ripp’s ENglish class will be documenting what a typical day in the life of a student looks like.

This is to take part in the #studentlife challenge that is taking place on February 5th, where students around the world will be sharing what a typical day looks like for them via social media.  This challenge was created to highlight what a typical day in the life of a child around the world may look like and build understanding of the world.  

Students will use their devices to take pictures throughout their day from when they wake up to when they go to bed and save them on their device.  On February 5th, we will create blog posts to showcase a day in the life of them, this way students do not have to have a social media account to participate.

We will discuss safety and appropriateness of the types of pictures students may take and share and I will monitor, as always, all content before it is shared with the world.  Also, any student who does not have permission to have their photo on the internet will be notified and precautions taken.

This initiative will take place on Twitter, Kidblog, Instagram and any other social media platform that schools have access to using the #studentlife hashtag.  

Anything that can take a picture will be allowed.  Students will then email their image to themselves to use in their blog posts.  If a child does not have a device, they will be buddied up with someone who does and they can share images.  


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