Friday, December 5, 2014

Yahara River Writers Contest

Yahara River Writers Contest
This December, the English teachers invite all students at OMS to participate in the Yahara River Writers Contest!  This writing contest is open to all students 5th through 8th grade in Dane County.

What can you submit:
There are 5 different categories you can enter your work into:  Realistic short story, poetry, political cartoon, editorial, and the cover contest.  Students can submit to more than one category if they choose.  

Due date:
All submissions are due to your English teacher on January 5th.

How to enter:
On December 11th from 3:20 - 4:00 PM there will be a meeting for those interested in hearing more about the requirements for the contest.  The meeting will take place in the 7-O team area and will then break into smaller groups depending on what you want to submit for the contest.  

If you cannot make it to the meeting:  
Ask your English teacher for the requirements.

What can you win:
This is a county-wide contest where 33 school districts in the area send submissions. All entries will be judged and the top ten in each category, per grade level, will be selected.  From each top ten group, a first and second place entry will be identified.  All top ten entries will be published in the Yahara River Writers Anthology, and all authors of top ten entries will be invited to attend a workshop on the UW Campus.


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