Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our Non-Fiction Picture Book Assignment Revealed

Non-Fiction Picture Book Assignment

Purpose:  To create a non-fiction picture book aimed at a K or 1st grade audience.

Assignment:  Students will create a non-fiction picture book on a topic of their choice aimed at a K or 1st grade audience.  Further expectations are discussed below.  

Due:  December 15th, 2014.

Final Product:  All finished books will be created in Google Presentations for more creative flexibility.  We have not decided if these will be printed or not - it would be a lot of paper!  


  • Finished product should be a 30 to 50 page book that not only includes 5 or so "chapters/sub-topics" but also has a glossary, index, table of contents, sources, and front and back cover.
  • Font size of text should be at least 20.
  • We will use the website to cite all of our sources
  • We will spend time in class researching, writing, as well as sharing our work.  Tech tools will also be incorporated.  Students should be able to finish this in class if time is spent wisely.  

Standards Assessed:
4:  Write informative texts to convey ideas; select, organize, and analyze content.
6:  Use technology to produce writing, interact with others, and cite sources.
7:  Draw evidence from texts to support written analysis.
8:  Command the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, and vocabulary.

See back of this page for the rubric.  Note, this is a summative assignment!

Sample:  Will be shown in class and linked to here.

Rubric: Can be seen here


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