Monday, November 24, 2014

Instead of THIEVES

Today I have discussed with students what we will do instead of the THIEVES assignment.  I explained to them what my thoughts were behind the change, and many students expressed relief that the assignment had been changed.

We went through the two different options today in class, here are the links to them

Nonfiction Summarizing Sheet - Option 1:  Can be found here
Nonfiction Summarizing Sheet - Option 2:  Can be found here


  • The due date has been changed to December 15th
  • If a student has already handed in their THIEVES sheet this will be assessed by me, if they have mastered that (3's in both standards) then they are exempt from this new assignment.
  • If a student gets 3's or 4's (mastery) of this first assignment, they are exempt from doing the second one that will be assigned in January.
  • The students can use non-fiction text of their choosing.  I encourage them to use texts that they have to read for other classes, for a 2-in-1.


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