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MEL-Con 2 "Conflicts"

MEL-Con 2  “Conflicts”
Assignment:  Write a MEL-Con discussing the types of conflicts in your text.  This means you identify what the type of conflicts they are and then discuss, with text evidence and links, what they may mean.

Due:  Monday, October 20th.

Submit:  Please print or hand write and submit to me in class.

Length:  One paragraph or more.

Text used:  Your choice or the Global Read Aloud book we are using.

Reminders - you need to have:
  • Correct capitalization
  • Accurate spelling
  • Good grammar
  • Transition words
  • Your own thoughts (links!)
  • Here is a link to the graphic organizer

The Different Types of Conflicts:
  • Person vs. person
  • Person vs. Self
  • Person vs. Society
  • Person vs. Nature
  • Person vs. Supernatural
  • Person vs. Technology

Assessment:  This will be assessed under standards 1, 3, 7, and 8 as summative. Here is a link to the rubric we will use.

Sample answer:
In the book, Dissonance, there are many types of conflicts, including Man vs. Self, Man Vs. Society, and Man vs Nature.  The first type of conflict is Man vs. Self, which is shown by the way that Del doubts her feelings for Simon and whether she is allowed to feel this way.  She says in the text “I know that loving him is wrong, but how can I go on without him?” which makes me believe she ultimate cannot help but love him, but she does not feel good about it.  Thus she is battling against herself.  The second conflict in the book is Man Vs. Society in that Del goes behind the back of the elders and “walks” into Echo worlds whenever she wants, even though she knows she shouldn’t.  She does not believe that it is right for the Elders to decide when a world should be cleaved and therefore continues to sneak away even though it may destroy the society she belongs to.  The final conflict is Man vs. Nature, in that Simon discovers there is another alternate reality that he has to be careful not to destroy.  The words in the alternate reality do not obey the same rules as the world we live in, which means decisions that Simon make puts him at war with the world.  All three conflicts drive the action and the plot and make the characters more believable, that is how I know there are three different conflicts in the book.

If you want to print this sheet, here is a link


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