Friday, October 10, 2014

Ask Your Child About...

This week we covered a lot of ground, things you can ask your child about include:

  • Their MEL-Con's and what they need to work on before the next one is assigned next week. These can be re-done until October 20th.
  • Their thoughts on the Global read Aloud book
  • Their blogging challenge, what did they decide to write about and why
  • Urban Challenge - are they getting excited for this great day?
  • The books they are reading, we received a lot of new books and they have been flying off of the shelves.  This is also a great time to bring back any books no longer being read or abandoned.
  • Their reading reflections - students did a halfway through the quarter English reflection which was sent home Thursday or Friday.  They self-assessed how they are doing and what they need to work on.
  • Book orders - new book orders went home today due next Friday.  There were a lot of great new books included.

Looking ahead:
  • A new MEL-Con will be assigned Wednesday
  • Vocab quiz will be Thursday next week for Vocab words unit 3
  • Urban challenge preparation will start Thursday


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