Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yankee Candle Fundraising Info

Yesterday marked the beginning of our two week Yankee Candle fundraising sale.   Here is a little more specific information about it:

Why are we doing this?

Proceeds from the fundraiser will help to offset the cost for the Potency of Poetry Workshop that runs in March of 2015.  This one-week workshop is for all 7th graders, and is presented by an Artist-in-Residence from the American Players Theatre.

How long does this run?  

Until November 11th.

Who should checks be written to?

Oregon 7th Grade English

Do all students have to do this?

Nope, but the more the merrier!  We will award care cash for any child that does.  

Will we get an order form?
Yes, one was sent home on Tuesday, October 27th.

When will the candles arrive?

A few weeks after the order has been placed so in time for Christmas and Hanukkah.

Can we order online?
There is an online option, go to and enter in the group number 990057653 

More questions?

Contact Mrs. Ripp at  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MEL-Con 2 "Conflicts"

MEL-Con 2  “Conflicts”
Assignment:  Write a MEL-Con discussing the types of conflicts in your text.  This means you identify what the type of conflicts they are and then discuss, with text evidence and links, what they may mean.

Due:  Monday, October 20th.

Submit:  Please print or hand write and submit to me in class.

Length:  One paragraph or more.

Text used:  Your choice or the Global Read Aloud book we are using.

Reminders - you need to have:
  • Correct capitalization
  • Accurate spelling
  • Good grammar
  • Transition words
  • Your own thoughts (links!)
  • Here is a link to the graphic organizer

The Different Types of Conflicts:
  • Person vs. person
  • Person vs. Self
  • Person vs. Society
  • Person vs. Nature
  • Person vs. Supernatural
  • Person vs. Technology

Assessment:  This will be assessed under standards 1, 3, 7, and 8 as summative. Here is a link to the rubric we will use.

Sample answer:
In the book, Dissonance, there are many types of conflicts, including Man vs. Self, Man Vs. Society, and Man vs Nature.  The first type of conflict is Man vs. Self, which is shown by the way that Del doubts her feelings for Simon and whether she is allowed to feel this way.  She says in the text “I know that loving him is wrong, but how can I go on without him?” which makes me believe she ultimate cannot help but love him, but she does not feel good about it.  Thus she is battling against herself.  The second conflict in the book is Man Vs. Society in that Del goes behind the back of the elders and “walks” into Echo worlds whenever she wants, even though she knows she shouldn’t.  She does not believe that it is right for the Elders to decide when a world should be cleaved and therefore continues to sneak away even though it may destroy the society she belongs to.  The final conflict is Man vs. Nature, in that Simon discovers there is another alternate reality that he has to be careful not to destroy.  The words in the alternate reality do not obey the same rules as the world we live in, which means decisions that Simon make puts him at war with the world.  All three conflicts drive the action and the plot and make the characters more believable, that is how I know there are three different conflicts in the book.

If you want to print this sheet, here is a link

Monday, October 13, 2014

Newsletter October 10, 2014

Some of my wonderful connections students volunteered to do this week's English newsletter.  Please watch to get a glimpse into what we are doing in English.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Vocab Words Unit 3

Vocab work for next week is the same for all kids.  So please click on this link, if you want to start studying for the quiz on Thursday, October 16th.  

Ask Your Child About...

This week we covered a lot of ground, things you can ask your child about include:

  • Their MEL-Con's and what they need to work on before the next one is assigned next week. These can be re-done until October 20th.
  • Their thoughts on the Global read Aloud book
  • Their blogging challenge, what did they decide to write about and why
  • Urban Challenge - are they getting excited for this great day?
  • The books they are reading, we received a lot of new books and they have been flying off of the shelves.  This is also a great time to bring back any books no longer being read or abandoned.
  • Their reading reflections - students did a halfway through the quarter English reflection which was sent home Thursday or Friday.  They self-assessed how they are doing and what they need to work on.
  • Book orders - new book orders went home today due next Friday.  There were a lot of great new books included.

Looking ahead:
  • A new MEL-Con will be assigned Wednesday
  • Vocab quiz will be Thursday next week for Vocab words unit 3
  • Urban challenge preparation will start Thursday

October Book Orders

Back by popular demand, we have our October book orders. They are due back to me by Next Friday, the 17th of October.  Note that there are many more books online at Scholastic than just the ones shown in the catalogue. 

To order online (We get a free book every time!)
Shop Online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: GXJ8R To order books either send in a check or do it online:
  •  ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code (top of this letter)
  •  SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  •  SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
  •  All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

Some recommendations for this month are:
  • The Blood of Olympus - The conclusion to The Heroes of Olympus series!
  • The Eye of Minds by James Dashner - the new series from the author of the Maze Runner series
  • Sure Signs of Crazy
  • Upside Dow in in the Middle of Nowhere - a highly recommended book!
  • The 6th book in The Amulet series - Graphic novels at their best
  • 365 Days of Wonder - from the same author that brought us "Wonder"
  • A SNicker of Magic - A great read for all ages
  • The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book - The Long Haul