Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Microsoft Project

In spring, I was contacted by a media representative working for Microsoft in Education.  They were interested in creating a video showcasing my teaching and highlighting the wonderful things our students do.  This video is part of Microsoft's focus on education and showcasing the great things that happen in classrooms around the world.  After discussion with administration, we decided that this would be a positive for our students and our school..

Your child has therefore brought home 2 permission slips for you to sign that gives Microsoft the right to have them in the video.  The unfortunate thing about the slips is that these are the waivers that are used for everything, not student specific projects, so the permissions are very encompassing to say the least.  Please email me or call if you are worried about any of the wording.

The plan is for Anthony Scanga to follow our classroom next week either Tuesday or Wednesday with a video camera.  So if your child has me at any point that day they may be featured in the video.  I have added an example video of what they have done in the past for this project.


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