Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Dog Assignment

Your assignment is to do a MEL-Con on the text My Dog by Kevin O'Neall.  You may use the graphic organizer provided in class to gather your thoughts, but the final product should be written as one succinct paragraph.

Please interpret this: Why did the author end with Mrs. Barney saying “My dog.”?  (What does that mean?, where did she get the dog from?)

Due:  Monday, September 29th.  Time will be given in class Wednesday and Friday to work on this.
Length: One paragraph or more.
To Submit:  Paper copy, or submit your link to your Google doc here 
Assessment:  Student and teacher will assess using the rubric found here
Text used:  My Dog by Kevin O'Neall
Graphic Organizer:  Can be found here 
To see a sample:  Go here 


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