Monday, September 8, 2014

How We Stay Safe While Blogging

As you know, we have been working on our paper blogs as we get ready to discuss commenting and how engage others in conversation.  Safe internet behavior is something I take very seriously and something we discuss throughout the year, but particularly here in the beginning.  So far we have discussed the rules for staying safe on the internet using the analogy of how the internet is like the mall.  We have also discussed how a public blog is different from a private journal and the types of posts someone may write.

Throughout the entire year as we blog, I am also a line of defense.  All posts have to be approved by me (there is no way around this) and all comments have to be approved by me (also with no way around it).  All links that get to a student through a post have been clicked on by me and viewed.  In the 4 years of blogging with students, I have never had an unsafe situation, nor any type of cyber-bullying.  The most we have ever gotten are spam comments, which I simply delete before they reach students.  I feel that Kidblog is an incredibly safe way for students to write for an authentic audience and engage in a  global conversation.

If a child does not have permission to have their blog open to the public, they will still blog.  Their posts will only be seen by me and not widely published.  That way no one sticks out and everyone still has the same chance at reflecting.

If you would like to see students blogs from previous years and where your child will be blogging this year, please go to


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