Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MEL-Con's Explained

Tomorrow in English we will start  our work writing about reading in the MEL-Con (Main Idea, Evidence, Link, Conclusion) format.  I will work through this with students as they write their first one due this coming Monday.  We will use the shared text My Dog by Kevin O'Neill to construct our response and a sample MEL-Con will be modeled with the students tomorrow.  

This is a way for a reader to respond to the text by using evidence to support their inferences.

What am I looking for?
  • Shows evidence of making meaning from the text (Can you tell I read?)
  • Responds to the question (Did I answer the question?)
  • Provides text-based evidence to support the response (Did I include proof from the text that relates to the question?)
  • Provides extension or clarification in relationship to the question to show enhanced understanding of the text (Did I make an interpretation?)


  • Introduction (List title and author)
  • What is your main idea? (1 sentence)
  • What is your evidence? (3-5 sentences)
  • Conclusion (1-2 sentences)

Name:   Section:

Main idea/conclusion
Topic sentence and conclusion sentences are clear, well-stated
Topic or conclusion are unclear
Focus unclear, topic sentence or conclusion not evident
Includes quotes from the source
Evidence is specific and detailed
Evidence is not specifically related to the essential question
No specific evidence described or evidence described is unrelated
Sophisticated interpretation of non-literal evidence
Explains what evidence means or connects evidence to main idea
Evidence is not clearly explained of connected to main idea
Links missing throughout paragraph, no explanation,of how evidence supports or connects to the main idea

Sample response:
Mrs. Ripp Sec. 1
Interpretation of My Dog
In his text My Dog by Kevin O’Neall, the narrator is frustrated because Mrs. Barney doesn’t make any sense.  First, Mrs. Barney claims that her dog would be 38 years old.  This is not biologically possible as the narrator says, “I have one client with a dog that’s nearly twenty, but no dog lives to be thirty-eight.” The world has not seen a dog that has lived to be that old, thus Mrs. Barney is a lunatic. Also, Mrs. Barney claims to have seen her dead dog.  In the eyes of the narrator that does not make sense, since she says that her husband shot the dog, therefore the dog must be dead.  Finally, the narrator is frustrated because Mrs. Barney won’t listen to him.   She, therefore, keeps repeating herself which shows that she is not listening. When you have to repeat yourself, it is obvious that the other person is not listening or understanding.  In the end, the narrator never believes Mrs. Barney and thinks she is a crazy person.  I believe that he has a right to not believe her because she does not seem sane.    


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