Thursday, September 4, 2014

20% Time Explained for Independent Reading

In our independent reading class, hour 8, we have the opportunity to do 20% time for the quarter.  20% time is an opportunity for students to explore their interests, learn something new, and take their curiosity to a new level.

Every week, students in my independent reading section will be given the full 45 minute class period to work on their chosen project.  That means they will have 7 full 45 minute blocks to work on it.  We will present our learning at the end of the first quarter and self-assess then.

Projects can be anything that the students want to pursue, as long as they are learning something and it is doable.  Ideas range from writing a novel to building a push go-cart. Students can choose to work on this outside of school but it is not mandatory, nor expected.  Part of this project is also the ability to pick something that is doable for them within the time frame.  Every week the students will be asked to reflect on their blog (if they have one) or in a journal, this is a way for them to honestly assess how they are doing with the process.   If this goes well, we hope to do it again next quarter.

To read more about 20% time, please go here


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