Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sign Up For "Remind"

Welcome to an incredible year of English.  Please sign up for "Remind" for the section you or your child is in.  Here is an explanation of what it is and how I will use it.

What is it? 
It is a texting service that allows me to text all students in a section with reminders.  There is no need to upload cell phone numbers, so you get to keep your number private.

Why do we use it?
It is an easy way for me to communicate deadlines, reminders to bring certain things, or even updates, all limited to text message length.

How is it safe?
Safety is first! Personal contact information isn't shared between teachers and students, or teachers and parents. 
Remind provides an efficient way for teachers, students, and parents to be on the same page about what’s going on at school.
Messaging is one-way so teachers share the most important class information, reminders and updates, but there is no chance of unfair or inappropriate back-and-forth communication between student and teacher.

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