Friday, May 30, 2014

Skyping All Day!

                     Now we are doing our 2nd Mystery Skype of the day... Here we go! The Skype started at 10:41, and we are going strong. So far we are doing better! A bit of question confusion but nothing compared to last time. Now they are having some question issues. There state starts with a vowel! So far, they are in the US, they are east of the Mississippi, and they do not border an ocean. We are being more cheerful. They are very organized as well. The Questioners are again have trouble. We are slowing down, but are still strong. They border a great lake! We are in the same region, or so it seems. I believe they are getting close already.
                     Our capitol is not Lansing. And now, they are sure! They are sure having question luck- everyone is yes! There state does not start with a I! And now they live in Ohio! An 8 minute Skype! Wow! It is there last day of school in Ohio. We are jealous! They were such a cheerful class... This one was definitely better and quicker! We would get confused about who goes next, but overall still a great Skype! Our supervisor did a great job with helping us. We always start out with talking with what we should have done better and one of our main problems was other people doing others jobs. But we got there state which was Ohio and they found our state quickly after. We definitely improved from the other one this morning but we still can improve in places. We will improve and get more organized and we will try our best like we always try too.


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