Monday, May 12, 2014

After the Zombie Apocalypse - Creation of a Constitution and Government

You survived the zombie apocalypse, but society has been destroyed.  The government has ceased to exist and general mayhem threatens to take over if you don’t do something and fast!  Your task is to create a new government and write a new constitution.  

One big thing: the zombie virus has mutated and zombies are no longer on the attack but wish to live peacefully in this new nation. Are you willing to give them rights? How will you communicate with them?

  • There is no internet as most power grids have been destroyed meaning little electricity
  • There are no cell phones or phones either
  • Rival groups are fighting for control - how will you bring them together?
  • You need to hold an election - how will you do this?

Government & Constitution - Major things to decide:
  • What type of government will you create?
  • Who will hold the power?
  • Will the people (you) have a say?
  • Where will the government be?
  • How will it make decisions?
  • Who will enforce decisions and how?
  • How will you make sure these rules will work in a 100 years?
  • What rights do people have?
  • How do you share power to decide the rules?
  • How will you make sure a person doesn't take all of the power?
  • How are people’s rights protected?

  • A written constitution
  • A presentation explaining what your new government looks like and how it works

You will have two to three weeks to create your Constitution as well as a presentation to share your new government.  You decide the format.  
Good luck!


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