Friday, May 30, 2014

A Mysterious Skype

Today we are unexpectedly doing 2 mystery Skype's- the first one is going on right now. We started out strong with a good question- Do you live in the USA? We are having sound difficulties but we were doing good, until we had a fire drill during the middle of the Skype! It was very confusing, and it made us very jittery. Now we are getting confused, but are slowly pulling it back together. Right now, I feel bad for the other class because our class is really making it difficult! We are also doing other peoples jobs- now, do we want that? However, the fire drill keeps going off so we are confused as well! We are getting some deep questions in. They just asked if we live in the Midwest Region- Yes! And we have figured out that they border an ocean and they live East of the Mississippi River. They do not live in the Northern Part of the USA. The fire drill is going off again... We are having problems with whose turn it is, we are now on a roll. Our state does not start with a vowel. They live in one of the Thirteen colonies! We are narrowing it down minute by minute... Its getting juicy up here... And now we border lake superior! Both are very close... They have 2 words in their state name. They just guessed us! And now, can we guess them??? I think its either South Carolina or North... Its North! Yay!!! A very hard, and strong Skype... They guessed ours first, but we were right on our tails. This was definitely one of our worst Skypes, (don't blame the fire drill) but we will get back up and try again! After our conversation on the carpet was a huge reflection because we have another chance to fix it later! We all hope to turn it around. Stay tuned for another blog about our next Skype later today!
-By Sydney and Alli


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