Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tangle of the Titles

Today we introduced our Tangle of the Titles for 2014!  This cross-classroom 5th grade competition is one of the highlights of 5th grade and there was definitely a lot of excitement in the air.
Teams were made and students will be given time to meet every 10 days or so.  Reading will be done independently and projects will be done outside of school.


Babbit, Natalie
Tuck Everlasting
Lowry, Lois
The Giver
Stead, Rebecca
When You Reach Me
Sachar, Louis
Riordan, Rick
The Lightning Thief
Turnage, Sheila
Three Times Lucky
Paterson, Katherine
Bridge to Terabithia


* 4 to 5 students per team
* Team is responsible for reading all 7 books
* Team decides who reads specific books  (with teacher confirmation/input)
* The 4 point rubric will be utilized by each teacher 
* Each student is responsible for 2 books/projects 
* Additional books will only require a book review

* As you read each book, write 10 questions that will challenge another team
* The sheet of questions must have your complete name, title of book, author, & teacher’s name
* Each question begins, “In which book…”

* Select a project from the Project Choice sheet, or get approval from your teacher for other ideas
* First book, project, and 10 questions due 4/25/14
* Second book, project, and 10 questions due 5/16/14
* Additional books and review due 5/19/14
* Each project may only be chosen once by a student, so if you do an Animoto Book Trailer for one book you may not do it again.

* Will take place May 19th, it is optional if your team wants to battle or not.
* An extra point will be awarded for naming the author, in addition to the book name for any given question (Spelling counts!)

Special recognition will be given to the 1st and 2nd place teams


Are you ready for Tangle of the Titles projects?   You may choose from this list, or come up with your own project!
  Be sure to have it approved by your teacher before you begin.

Animoto Book Trailer:    This project has to entice other people to want to read your book while showing that you have read it.  You should have a mixture of pictures and text to support your trailer and even the music has to fit the feel of the book.  

Travel Brochure: Have you ever read a book and wished you could visit its setting?  In this project you can imagine! Craft a travel brochure encouraging others to visit the area where it takes place. You’ll want to draw on your persuasive writing skills and lure them to your destination using details from your novel. Be persuasive when telling

Book Jacket: Don’t judge a book by its cover… unless you are designing it! Imagine you work for a publisher. Your job is to design an eye-catching book jacket. This project must include a front and back cover that is authentic to you!  Do not copy the current cover, instead be unique and draw upon the story’s theme.  You must also include a summary inside the front flap and an “About the Author” on the back inner flap.  

Maps: This project will showcase various locations of scenes throughout the novel.  Label each site with what occurred there and what the significance is to the story’s plot. Maps may be of any nature (global, country, city, home).
*If you find your novel has all of its major scenes happening in one location or your book already includes its own maps, then this project is not for you!

Models: Do you enjoy creating 3D models? Then this is the project for you! In this project you will create a 3D model representing any scene in your novel.  Be as creative as you like and include small details to really make it come alive.  You will need to include a ½ page written explanation of your model including significant events.  

Posters: This project includes a series of 3 posters illustrating key points from the beginning, middle and end of your novel.  Be sure to include a short written summary displayed on the front of each poster.  Please, no larger than 8 ½ x 11 per poster size. You may use a multitude of art supplies for this project, be creative!

ABC Book: Create your very own ABC book with your novel as the subject!  Using the entire alphabet, write an ABC book with each letter describing something from your novel.  Each page will be devoted to a separate letter and illustration. Add pizazz to your project by being unique in how you bind your book! Again, great resources can be found in our school library if you need a mentor text to get your creativity flowing!

Screenplay, Play, or Recorded Play: Broadway is calling! Are you up for the challenge? Create a screenplay, play or voice recording of a scene you find intriguing from your story.  You may also create an “alternate ending.”  

Timeline: Choose ten important events from your story and create a sequential time line.  You must include illustrations and write a short description at each point.  Your timeline should also be titled, neat, colored and easy to follow.
Sculpture: Design a 3D sculpture of a character or key item from your book. You may use any materials to craft your work of art.  Include a written explanation of why it is important to your book.

Board Game: Roll the dice on this project! Create your very own board game with your book as the theme! Your game must include everything that will be needed for game play (pieces, dice, game board, depending on your game) as well as clearly written instructions and a minimum of 7 elements from your book.  Your game must also be titled.

Word Search: Hunt for vocabulary in this project! Choose twenty vocabulary words from your book.  All words you choose must be written and defined on one sheet of paper.  Be sure to add pictures and color to your project. On another sheet of paper create your word search using the twenty vocabulary words.  Don’t forget to include an answer key for your word search!

all about the setting and important events in the book.

Newspaper:  Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Hail to the Editor in Chief! In this project imagine you are running your own newspaper.  Create a newspaper that features articles all about your book, characters, dramatic scenes…the possibilities are endless!  Your newspaper should be a minimum of 2 pages.  You must include a newspaper name and clear article titles.  Use a real newspaper for inspiration on content ideas or formatting.

Story Box: Use a small box, such as a shoe box, to create a collection of ten items that relate to your story or characters in your book.  They can be actual items, drawn items or items neatly cut out of a magazine or newspaper. Be sure to “tag” each item by writing a short paragraph describing the importance of the item and how it relates to your book.  Don’t forget to decorate your box!

Crossword Puzzle: Choose twenty vocabulary words from your book. On one sheet of paper write the words. On another sheet create your crossword puzzle, complete with clues to each “Up” or “Down” column of clues.  Don’t forget to number the clues and corresponding puzzle boxes!
           Remember, you can always create your own project idea!
Just be sure to get your teacher’s approval first!  Have fun!


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