Friday, April 4, 2014

Mystery Skype again

It is Friday Mystery Skype and everybody is happy and excited!!! The class that we were skyping with has never done a Mystery Skype how will this go. We were having confusion as we first started we fixed those! We were going really fast and not getting enough questions. It was hard to fix those. When we had the confusion, we got the wrong answers. At some parts it went better than usual. The strategies for the think tank came from our lead think tanker, Zach, said, "We go big then small." which was the thing that we did. It helped out a lot of the questions. When we got the wrong questions, we kept going back to that the other class was their first time. There were bad and good things. Will we ever get to the end? That came up a lot. We finally got it together and got all the pieces we needed and was able to guess first there state which was Texas! Then when the other class felt they could do it to they guessed our state too and it would be Wisconsin! In the beginning we had to pick our jobs. Almost everyone was wearing badger stuff so they had to stay off camera so they wouldn't guess our state right away. This was brought to you by Alli and Mackenzie we would like to say, GO BADGERS!


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