Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Argumentative Essay Take 2

We have been working on argumentative essays as a review from earlier in the year.  This time our lens has been to research both sides of the argument so that students can produce counter-arguments within their essay.  We started out debating whether schools should serve chocolate milk, but have since branched out into partner chosen topics.

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Students have chosen a partner to work with on this.  They have also chosen a topic to argue.  One student argues for it, the other against it.
  • They can choose to research together or separately.
  • Final product is a 5 paragraph essay which will be handed in to me.  
  • Students will also have to debate each other in class using their knowledge.  
  • While the essay can start with their opinion, they have to have research included.  All topics have research available to them.  As always they are being asked to cite their sources.
  • Essay is due next Friday the 25th of April - this may be adjusted if we need to, however, I am confident we should be able to make it since this is a review unit for us.


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