Monday, March 24, 2014

The Boat Challenge

One of our favorite things is to do a challenge and what better way to end the Friday before spring break with the boat challenge.  This challenge involved each group getting 3 craft sticks, a coffee filter, 3 feet of tape, a straw and 4 pieces of toilet paper tube.  The students were given 35 minutes to create a contraption that would travel across the floor the fastest by being blown.  Like with any good challenge there was a 5 minute twist where students were given a pixie cup and they had to incorporate the whole thing into their final design.
It may have been loud in the room but we had so much fun.  Congrats to all of the kids, they continue to amaze me with their achievements.

Make sure you watch the video of the final match!


Unknown said...

"Nice job at second place!" It's a good sign that people talk like that.

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