Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Colony Prezi

We are currently researching the original 13 colonies and thought this would be a great way to introduce students to Prezi, an online presentation tool.  The students are working in pairs researching their particular colony after having brainstormed a list of research questions.

We decided upon the following requirements:

  • The Prezi should be between 5 and 8 minutes long.
  • Students are not allowed to read from their note cards, but need to rehearse their presentation as a speech.  Note cards can be used to support throughout but may not have every single detail on them. 
  • The Prezi should have between 12 and 15 subtopics discussed.  Text should be limited as the focus should be on the speaker, not the presentation.
  • Students should select powerful images and must incorporate at least 5 images in the final product.
  • The presentations are due Thursday, March 20th.
  • Assessment will be focused on presentation skills as well as content covered.  Rubric will be determined by the students as we get closer to the end.


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