Friday, February 14, 2014

Newsletter, Friday, February 14th, 2014

Special Notes:

  • Today we had our class Valentine's Day party.  Thank you to all parents and families who helped with the party.  Whether by helping your student fill out Valentine's Cards, providing treats and utensils, or helping out with the party, we appreciate the support.  The students had a lot of fun!
  • Parent teacher conferences are coming up.  See Mrs. Ripp's Pre-Conference Form and Conference sign up postings.
  • Calendar Dates:
    • Monday, February 17th: No School, Professional Development Day
    • Friday, March 7th: End of Second Trimester

Reading:  On Thursday we started our read aloud, Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson, which is a historical fiction novel.  During our Historical Fiction unit, students will be meeting with their reading group to discuss their independent reading novels.  Students have been instructed that the next book they choose as an independent reading novel needs to be a historical fiction novel.  We spent time in the school library today looking at books.  Our goal is for every student to be excited about what they will be reading next.

Writing:  "The Lens of History" writing project is due at the beginning of class this Wednesday, Feb. 19th.  Students have been working on it during class, but many still have a lot to do.  Please check-in with your student and when possible, encourage them to work on it this weekend.  Tuesday will be the last day students will have in-class time to write.  Students should have a printed, final copy at school on Wednesday for our in-class author's celebration.  Students should have their final draft completed by the end of class on Tuesday if they would like to print at school.  

Math:  We are in the midst of Unit 7, which is a unit on Exponents and Negative Numbers. This week, students have learned about scientific notation, the order of operations, line graphs, and negative numbers.

Science: This week we began our science unit on Mixtures and Solutions.  This unit has many labs, and the class has been talking about how we are excited for the hands-on learning.  

Social Studies:  We finished class social studies presentations this week.  It was awesome to see the amount of time the students put into their projects to showcase all they had learned.  This upcoming week, we will be starting a Unit on the American Colonies.  Students have requested more project-based learning, so next week, we will discuss our plan for this new unit.

Thank you again for your time and support.  Happy Valentine's Day!


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