Friday, February 7, 2014

Newsletter, February 7th, 2014

Special Notes:

  • Today Mrs. Ripp visited our class with baby Augustine.  It was the first time many of us got to see Augustine in person, and she was precious!  Congratulations again, Mrs. Ripp!
  • Several forms went home this past week.  We sent home a permission slip for the Human Growth and Development program, as well as a course selection form for Glacier Creek Middle School.  Thank you to everyone who has returned these.  If you have not, please send them with your student on Monday.  If you need copies of either form, please let me know.
  • Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14th, students may bring a Valentine.  However, if they do, students need to bring one for everyone in the class.  Students may attach candy or a trinket, but it is not expected.  There is a class list with first names on our website.
  • Upcoming Dates: 
    • Winter Carnival: Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2:00pm.
    • Class Valentine's Day Party: Friday, Feb. 14th, 2:00pm.

Reading:  We are getting close to finishing our reading unit on interpreting theme and moving into historical fiction.  We are almost done with our class read aloud, The False Prince.  Soon, we will be starting our next read aloud, Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson, which is a historical fiction novel.  We previewed the book with the students today, and we're excited to start reading it soon!

Writing:  Students are busy at work on their "Lens of History" writing projects.  Students are moving from the research stage to the writing stage.  As a class, we will set a deadline for this project early next week.  It looks like the tentative deadline will be early in the week of the 17th.

Math:  Yesterday we began Unit 7, which is a unit on Exponents and Negative Numbers.  Each night, students will most likely have math boxes/study links pages as homework.  

Science: Today, students finished their assessments for the Land forms unit.  Next week, we will begin the next unit--Mixtures and Solutions.  We have a lot of fun upcoming experiments with this unit!

Social Studies:  Student presentations of their historical research projects began yesterday.  I am impressed with the depth of knowledge and professionalism of many of the student presentations.  Way to go!  We are continuing presentations this upcoming Monday and Tuesday, with a goal of having all presentations completed by Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you so much for your time and support.  Our class had a wonderful first week together!


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