Monday, February 10, 2014

Lens of History Writing Project Due Wed., Feb. 19th

Students have been hard at work on our Lens of History Writing Projects.  These projects will be due next Wednesday, February 19th.

I've included the project explanation and requirements below:
  • Students will choose a historical event to research and then write about it.
  • Students can pick any event in history they want to learn about; however, they need to pick a specific topic to research (for example, rather than pick "slavery" choose a part of slavery, such as the daily life of a enslaved person who worked in the cotton fields).
  • Students will choose to either write a research paper detailing their event, or a historical fiction story, incorporating events and research in a plot.
  • Students should focus on perspective-taking, thinking about the perspectives of individuals or groups who lived through the situation to develop deeper thinking and empathy for the situation.
  • Students should limit their pictures, and make sure the ones they do include contain vital information.
  • Include at least one map.
  • Sources should be cited using Easybib or something similar.
  • Length should be between four and ten pages, double spaced, size 12 font.
  • Final draft due Wednesday, February 19th.
Students will have writing class time to continue to work on their stories; however, in order to have a polished and finished product, many students will need to work on these outside of class time as well.  Please check-in with your student, and see how their work is progressing.

I have been conferencing with students in class and commenting on their drafts via Google Docs.  If students have questions for me, they know they can comment right on their document and I will respond.

I'm looking forward to continuing to see these develop!


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