Friday, January 31, 2014

Newsletter, January 31st, 2014

Dear Parents and Families,

My name is Ms. Gould, and I will be Mrs. Ripp's long-term substitute for the month of February.  I got to meet the students this week, and I am very excited to be working with them. I observed Mrs. Ripp on Wednesday and Thursday morning, taught Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, and today was my first full day with the students.  

We have such a great group!  This week, the students helped teach me the classroom procedures and expectations.  After the craziness of this week, we're all really looking forward to having a "normal" week next week.  I've included more information about what we've been working on and what's coming up below.

I should have a district email address by next week, and as soon as I have that, I will send my contact information to you.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me via the room phone (829-9009).  Otherwise, Mrs. Ripp said she will be happy to pass along emails to me as well.

Thank you for your time and patience.  I look forward to getting to know you and and the students more over the next month!

Best Regards,

Ms. Gould


Special Notes –

  • Today was our Kindness Retreat, facilitated by Youth Frontiers.  Students participated in high-energy, interactive activities as well as small-group discussions to reflect upon and make an action plan for being kind.  For more information, click here.
  • For Valentine’s Day (Friday, February 14th) students can bring in a Valentine, however, if they do, they need to bring one for everyone in the class.  They can attach a candy or trinket to their Valentine but this is not expected. There is a class list with first names on it on our website.
  • The PTO is looking for volunteers and prizes for the winter carnival on February 8th, please contact Sara Vogel or the PTO for more information.
  •  Upcoming dates for you to put on your calendars include: 
    • Carnival Saturday, February 8th at 2 PM
    •  Valentine’s Day Party 2 PM February 14th.

Math – We are finishing unit 6 this week.  The test is scheduled for Tuesday, February 4th.  Students have been given a review packet to help them prepare.  The next unit is about exponential notation and the subtraction and addition of positive and negative numbers. 

Science  Students began the assessment for the landforms unit on Thursday.  Our next unit will be Mixtures and Solutions.

Social Studies – We have been busy at work on our projects.  The deadline for all our student projects is February 6th.  As a twist we will also be presenting our projects to another 5th grade classroom in Vermontvia Skype.  These students are therefore the audience we are working with in mind. 

Reading – We set new individual reading goals for February.  If you have time, check in with your student and ask about their reading goals.  We will soon set our goals for the February book challenge.

Writing – Students are busy working on their writing projects.  Students choose to write either a historical research paper or a historical fiction story, and they continue to seem to be excited about their projects. Requirements are posted on our website.   


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