Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's a Read-In Party (Perhaps)

To stir up excitement for reading in the January humdrum ,we have a January classroom reading challenge.  The concept is very simple, each child wrote down a secret goal of how many books and picture books they are going to read in January and handed it to me.  I then calculated what our total goal is for January and it is an impressive 492 books!  Students have left me book titles on my desk and I keep track every day of how many books they are reading.  If they meet their goal two events will take place:

  • A great Skype visit from Jenifer Nielsen - the author of The False Prince!
  • A Read-in party on January 30th.  
The Read-in party will be all day celebration (beside math and specials) where the students will get to read in sleeping bags (or blankets) and even watch a movie based on a book. 

We are also hoping for some treats so I will be asking for volunteers for that later in the month.

If we do not make our goal then we cannot have our party, so we are all very eager to read!


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