Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Paragraph about Theme Assignment

The class has spent some time learning how to identify a theme in the book they are currently reading or have just finished.  We have learned that this often happens in different ways in our book, along with the fact that a book can have different themes.  In class I have also modeled how to support your theme and write a paragraph about a certain theme. Below are some items to help you with the assignment.

Structure should be:
  • Topic Sentence: name the author and book and present the theme.  Use the sentence frame below to begin your topic sentence:         
“In [his/her] book “_____________”, [author] illustrates the idea that_____________________________  (your theme goes in the blank).”
  • Proofs: two examples from the short story (character’s words and/or actions, plot events) that explain/prove the theme you have chosen PLUS
explanation of how each explains/proves your theme.
  • Concluding Sentence: this should tie the theme of the story to life in the
real world.  It should be thought-provoking and reflective (show that you have thought about how this theme ties into life).  It should also effectively sum up your paragraph.

Theme ideas:
  • Friendship
  • Survival
  • Trust
  • Justice
  • There are many more

Due Date
Tuesday, January 21st

Example done in class:
In his book "Unicorn," Bob Shea illustrates the idea that we should not judge people by our first impression. I know this because in the book, Goat judges Unicorn just on what he has seen him do without having a conversation with him. He also badmouths Unicorn to the reader, but when he finally has a conversation with him, he discovers that Unicorn is a great person. From the book I have learned that we should always hold off on our judgement until we have gotten to know a person. This is helpful for me since I work with many new teachers and other people every day and I want to make sure I have an open mind.


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