Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Epic Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Friday afternoon the students finally had their next challenge.  The goal was simple: build the biggest tower you can using only pieces of uncooked spaghetti and a cup of mini marshmallows.  After 30 minutes of building time and 1 minute of free standing time, I would measure the towers.  The tower with the marshmallow up the highest would win.  Students had been given 10 minutes on a previous day to discuss and sketch their designs and I had forewarned them that more than likely their designs would collapse at some point during the challenge and to have a back up plan.

I wish you could have been in the classroom with me.  The team work and excitement was incredible to see.  Students laughed, didn't give up, and focused so intently on the process.  In the end 3 students' tower won with a height of 60 cm.  Their prize?  Why marshmallows of course!

What a great way to end our week.


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