Monday, November 11, 2013

Newsletter November 8, 2013

Special Notes
*  There have been so many moments this week that have made me laugh out loud, made me cry, and just made me so proud.  This class is pretty spectacular in my opinion.
*  In-class spelling bee starts next week for those who want to participate, I will send all scores to Ms. Weber and then she will let us know if any students have made it into the school spelling bee.
* The students were exemplarary yesterday during the live event with Sharon Draper.  They say behind me quietly on the back channel discussing the event with students around the world, while providing me with thoughtful questions.  They got many shout-outs on twitter for how awesome they were and even from Sharon herself.
*  Our Donorschoose books have started to come in.  It is such a thrill to see the students snatch up new books eagerly wanting to read them.
*  Quiz bowl screening was last week; I will get results next week.
*  Conferences start next week, your child has to be present for us to do the conference since they are leading it.
*Box Tops start next week so send them in if you have any.
*  Swimming starts on the 19th, students should bring their gear in next week so that they don’t forget it on the actual day.
*  As part of our global awareness, I play holiday music from around the world in my classroom starting after Thanksgiving.  If this concerns you, please let me know.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: No school on Monday, November 11th, Conferences start the week of November 11th swimming is November 19th, 21st, 25th, and December 2nd and 4th,   No school (Happy Thanksgiving) November 27th, 28th, and 29th

MathWe finished unit 3 yesterday with good results and will be starting unit 4 on Thursday due to WKCE.  The next unit is all about division, math fact tests are vital for success in this unit so please keep encouraging practicing of these.  The test for unit 4 is so far scheduled for Tuesday, November 26th.
Science We started our flipsticks and have been trying to find the optimal set up for achieving maximum height with our foil balls.  I have posted pictures from science on our website.
Social Studies – Next week we will finish our simulation and then start to learn more about all of the explorers.  The simulation is getting kind of brutal with our first drowning victim, Kevin.  A few other students are close to dying from scurvy as well.  I have been excited to see the deep level of thinking about their character that has been happening in their personal logs.    
Reading We finished the Global Read Aloud with a live author chat with Sharon Draper.  I wish you could be here to listen in on the conversations these students are having about symbolism, author’s purpose, and deeper meaning in the text.  Mr.  Macklem sat in on reading today and even he was impressed with the discussion.    
Writing I love seeing the excitement for our current writing project, the non-fiction picture books.  Students have been eagerly researching their topic and figuring out what they will write about.  We will continue to work on this up until Thanksgiving.


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